Reduction of Masculine Mammas

Gynecomasty is the term used to designate growth of mammas in men.

It is not an uncommon occurrence, reaching up to 40% in men. It can affect one mamma or both. It is more frequent in adolescence starting from 13 years of age, however, it may persist in adult life, bringing about great discomfort when the body is to be exhibited, as, for example, removing the shirt in public.

The surgery can be performed starting at the age of 13, depending on the evaluation of each case.

The masculine increase of the mamma can be caused by two different factors: an increase of the mammary gland, or an excess of localized fat. It can also occur when both factors are associated.

The reduction of the mamma in this problem type is made by the removal of glandular tissue or fat. Men that have skin excess should also have it removed to obtain better aesthetic results.

It is a simple and fast surgery, usually done with internment of one day. If mamma excess is caused by gland increase, it should be done with an incision and the removal of this gland. If it is due to fat excess, the surgery can be performed through liposuction done by an incision in the external lateral part of the breastplate or between the two mammas. If there is an excess of mammary gland, it is removed through a periareolar incision which becomes unapparent later on.

The surgery is made with local anesthesia and sedation or with peridural anesthesia and sedation. It lasts around an hour and a half and the patient leaves the hospital on the same day. After the surgery, rest is required for some days, an elastic mesh is used and sports should be avoided for some weeks.

In the liposuction, one stitch is necessary and in the case of incision in the areola, 5 to 6 stitches are necessary, which are removed after 1 week. The scars are very small and after some time, they become unapparent, and are also covered with the hair of the area. Sun should be avoided until cicatrisation is complete. The return to normal activities can be made after one week.

The result is excellent, the mammas have a normal aspect which, in turn, results in a great improvement of self esteem.

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