The Asian eyelid surgery has been, in the last 50 years, one of the most sought cosmetic surgeries by the young population of the oriental countries, with the purpose of obtaining a more harmonious touch to the face.

The contact of the oriental people with the culture and people of Europe and the United States started an era of cultural, commercial and industrial exchange, bringing as a consequence changes in the standards of living, in the habits and in aesthetic values.
The oriental people have always been vain, quite concerned with aesthetics, with beauty, with harmony between man and nature. The cares with their own beauty have always been a reason of constant search.

Asian eyelid surgery is in both Japan as well as in South Korea whereas the popularity of liposuction is found in Brazil

The operation is relatively simple and fast. It consists of removing part of the existent fat in the superior eyelids and, most of the time, also of a fine strip of muscular tissue to eliminate the swollen aspect, typical of the oriental faces. Then, the fold is made on top of the eyes.

The operative pre-cares begin with a careful evaluation to indicate the surgery accurately for each individual, to evaluate the presence of single or bilateral pleats, height and length, the thickness of the eyelids, the asymmetry, the format, the thickness of the eyelid slots, as well as the insert and height of the medial and lateral canthal ligaments, the presence of scars and of visual problems.

After having perfected aesthetic evaluation, the procedure is accomplished with local anesthesia with light sedation in a surgical atmosphere, with the duration of approximately 1 hour.
The post-care - operative is to rest for one week with recovery for normal activities in a few days.

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