Aumento de lábios

Cheiloplasty is indicated for those who possess fine lips, or for the people whose lips wither with the passing of the years.

Time to Act:
For those who want to increase their lips, it can be done as of the age of 18. The main indication however is starting at the age of 40, to eliminate the signs of aging of the lips.

The technique to increase the lips, also known as Bardotization (in reference to Brigitte Bardot, the French actres), it is done through an incision, at a distance of 1 mm of the line superior or inferior to the lip, removing a part of the skin. Then, the lips are joined higher and lower (when wanting to increase the two parts). This surgery creates a fleshier and more sensual lips.

The anesthesia used is local with sedation and the surgery lasts around 1 hour. The patient may leave the hospital on the same day and within 1 week may return to normal activities. The removal of the stitches is done in 8 days.

The scar is disguised around the mouth and may be done with lipstick.

There are also other techniques to increase the lips with the use of completion substances.

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