Outer thigh is those uncomfortable deposits of fat that accumulate in the height of the thighs, in the area of the hip and are very difficult to eliminate. Of hormonal or genetic origin, it determines a large amount of fat deposits in its place; even thin women can have tendency to maintain these deposits. In our country, the phenomenon is very common, since most women have the tendency to have a big buttocks and to gather fat in the legs and waist.

It can be of a fibrous type, of harder consistency for the thickness of located fibers in the hypoderm and with advanced cellulite; less fibrous, smaller and of soft consistency that accompanies the forms of the body, but it presents a light cellulite, not flaccid; it can be solved with a simple liposculpture; and flaccid, that it presents disproportionate size and flaccid skin, of difficult retraction after liposuction.
The treatments can be varied, from massages with lymphatic drainage to intradermotherapy (injections of substances that dissolve fat in the committed place), but only the liposuction is 100% efficient in the most serious cases.
Liposuction is suitable for big outer thighs, eliminates the deposits of fats through surgical intervention. The lipo can be made with a vacuum aspirator or with syringes. The objective is to create a vacuum that aspirates the fat cells.
When the liposuction is done, the removal of the fat of the subcutaneous initially unchains an area of skin excess. However, with time, this excess suffers a progressive retraction.
After 30, 60 or 90 days it is observed that the skin does not present the characteristic folds of the excess anymore. 6 months to 1 year is sometimes necessary for this accommodation of the skin.

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