Surgery of facial rejuvenation

This is one of the mostly sought surgeries by patients in a plastic surgery clinic. It is a conduct which allows quite natural results because surgeon and patient discuss about the possible result in full detail during the preoperative.
The plastic surgery seeks to improve the aspect of the flabbiness, wrinkles, furrows, etc. rejuvenating the face. The scars will become less and less visible with time.

In the meantime, cosmetic resources as make-up and appropriate hairdos perfectly disguise the inconvenience created by the recent scars. Besides, each patient behaves differently to others in relation to the evolution of the scars, enabling them, in certain cases, to make the scars almost unapparent.
In spite of this previous warning, many patients end up forgetting the details that are transmitted during the initial consultation and they start to worry specifically about the presence of the scars, in the immediate and mediate postoperative period.
The surgery of the face, neck and eyelids rejuvenate those territories visually. "It delays but it doesn't interrupt the evolutionary process of the organism." In some cases, there is need of a finishing touch of the skin (that is slack) of the inferior eyelid, after a certain time.
In some cases of very accentuated wrinkles in the face, neck and chin, the patient must undergo another operation after 1 or more years, in order to complement the result obtained in the first operation.
Both general anesthesia as well as local or associated are used. Depending on the case, we will take the freedom of suggesting the most convenient. The final result will be the same.
The surgical action lasts around 120 minutes for the face and the forehead, and 90 minutes for the eyelids and around 120 minutes for the face / neck.
Being a surgical procedure, the absolute time stops having importance, because, certain cases demand longer periods of time in certain phases of the surgery. The important thing is the obtained result and not the time of surgery.
There is rarely any pain in the postoperative. The evolution of the cosmetic surgeries is usually painless. One or another case will occasionally present discreet pain which may be medicated with common painkillers.
It must not be forgotten that until the desired result is obtained, several evolutionary phases are characteristic of this surgery type. Edemas (swelling), "spots" due to infiltrated blood, hypersensitivity of some areas, insensitivity of others, are common to all patients; evidently, some patients will present these phenomena with smaller intensity than others.
We hope you are in this group. In case not, do not worry. In due time, your organism will take charge of dissipating all these small upsets.

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