Chin augmentation

The chin constitutes one of the main points of reference in the aesthetic study of the face. The ideal chin should observe a positioning within certain aesthetic limits, making a harmonic group together with other sections as the nose, eyes, mouth, etc. It can come in a more advanced or more retracted position in relation to its ideal positioning.

For both cases, surgical corrections exist, however at Perfect, we do not perform the surgery of reduction of the chin.

The mentoplasty performed at Perfect is the one that seeks to correct the retro-positioning (retracted chin), through the inclusion of a silicon implant. There should not be any great physiological alterations. There will just be a better physiological balance, maintaining the individual characteristics.

In cases of inclusion of silicon implants, an internal scar (inside of the mouth) may be made or by a small incision in the inferior part of the chin. The surgeon usually models the piece or uses a premolded one (several sizes exist). Each plastic surgeon's criterion will determine the scar. In case of fat grafting (suitable in restricted cases), there will not be a scar.

The anesthesia used is local (with or without sedation, depending on the case), if it is to treat the exclusive correction of the chin. If associated to other surgeries, the surgeon will decide as for the convenience of accomplishing the surgical action under local or general anesthesia

It is customary to make a type of local curative with the purpose of helping to immobilize the implants. This curative also serves as protection against the eventual traumatisms that may occur in the first days.

Silicon has been used in a solid form for over 35 years, all over the world, with thousands of operated patients, without marked harmful effects. It is an inert substance to the organism which remains in its introduced place, inside of a fibrous capsule which the organism itself takes charge of elaborating in the first few days. Rarely are there cases of elimination of the piece.

When this happens (usually due to problems in the immediate postoperative due to infection, traumatism on the operated area, hemorrhage, etc.), the piece is removed by simple surgery under local anesthesia, without any sequel. Later, a new piece may be reintroduced.

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