Eyelid Surgery

With time, factors as: age, texture of the skin, disturbances of visual sharpness, emotional problems, etc., may mark the area of the eyelids.

It is important to take into consideration the fact that the surgery of the eyelids does not provide general rejuvenation to the face, when executed separately.

A lot of patients expect this kind of result (rejuvenation) with blepharoplasty. The plastic surgeon will just improve that damaged territory for the preexistent aesthetic defects. The rejuvenation of the face implicates in need for other conducts associated to blepharoplasty.

Sometimes the aesthetic problem of the eyelids is due to clinical factors and no surgery is indicated (undereye circles, edemas, etc.). Plastic surgery of the eyelids just corrects the skin and fat excess and muscular flabbiness of the eyelid area, where, in certain cases, it is possible to improve the functional aspect as well as aesthetic. However, it should not offer any damage to the function of the eyelids.

An ideal age does not exist, but, an ideal opportunity does. That opportunity is determined by the presence of the defect to be corrected and it can happen at any age.

As the skin of the eyelids is very thin, the scars tend to be practically disguised in the furrows of the skin. The period of maturation of the scar (3 months) should be awaited. Light make-up may be used as of the first days in order to disguise any scar.

Local anesthesia (in some cases, we can give a previous sedation) may be used. Rarely general anesthesia is used. We reserve this last conduct for cases in which clinically, local anesthesia is not indicated or else, when the blepharoplasty is being performed simultaneously to other surgeries.

The operative action takes, usually, around 90 minutes. Depending on the case, details that can prolong this time exist. Even so, rarely does it exceed 50% of the foreseen basic time. And the internment period under local anesthesia is from 01 to 04 hours and under general anesthesia: from 12 to 24 hours.

The eyes will not be obligatorily occluded after the surgery. We only recommend cold compresses for some minutes, several times a day which is controlled by the patient himself, as prophylaxis of the accentuated edema.

In the postoperative, the edema (swelling) of the eyes varies from patient to patient. There are those that on the 4th or 5th day, return with a quite natural aspect. Others may reach this result after the 8th day.

Even so, the first 3 days of the postoperative are those during which, there is a greater "swelling" of the eyelids.
The use of dark glasses can be useful in this phase, as well as the use of cold compresses to reduce the intensity of the edema.

The definitive result is reached after the 3rd month. However, soon after the 8th day we will have approximately 50% of the desired result already, and in the 2 or 3 following weeks it tends to improve greatly.

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