Nose correction

Aesthetic Rhinoplasty, the most traditional among the different types of plastic surgery, is quite well known due to its positive results in modifying the patient's facial outline. It is one of the conducts that has developed most in the last few years, allowing aesthetic and functional results while preserving the noble anatomical elements of the nose.

An aesthetic balance exists between the nose and the face which the surgeon must observe in order to preserve the naturalness and authenticity of the face. Each case is studied thoroughly so that one can give the nose the best possible form according to the demands of the face. If the patientís choice coincides with that type of planned nose, undoubtedly, he will be greatly satisfied. Among the cosmetic surgeries, the nose is one that provides great satisfaction.

The aesthetic rhinoplasty seeks, also, to improve the patient's breathing conditions when these conditions are precarious in the original nose. Although there is some difficulty in the postoperative mediate (some weeks), it is because the "edema" also exists in the internal part of the nose; the movement of the "breathing valve" is also jeopardized in that period due to alteration of the elasticity of the wings. With time, it tends to normalize. Breathing problems are usually linked to the septum which, in many cases, is corrected at the same surgical time. Practice shows us that, in some cases, after having accomplished the rhinoplasty, the chronic symptoms disappear that were inconveniencing the patient for years. This, however, cannot be insured for all cases.

In the rhinoplasty, there are practically no apparent scars in the nose. This is because the incisions (cuts) are made "inside of the nose" or in the furrows; consequently they leave unapparent tracks. In special cases, when the nasal wings are treated, two small scars exist in the furrows between the wings and the face that, after some weeks, become practically imperceptible. In other cases, an imperceptible scar, remains in the inferior part of the nose).

Both local anesthesia as well as general or associated will be used. You may choose the type as long as it is agreed upon with us. Usually, the surgical action lasts 2 hours. Rarely however, in more complex cases, may this time be extended.

After finishing the surgery, the nose is kept immobilized and completely covered with plaster. The plaster remains for about 7 to 14 days, after which time, it is removed in the clinic. There may or not be a need to use a nasal protection (with Vaseline gauzes) from 48 to 72 hours. The plaster is important for the first phase of the modeling of the nose.

The postoperative of the nose surgery is painless. If there is an eventual pain, it will be combated easily with painkillers that are prescribed as preventive.

Several phases are characteristics of the postoperative of the nose. In a first phase (right after the removal of the plaster around the 7th day), in spite of having corrected several aesthetic defects of the original nose, an edema (swelling) may be noticed that will disappear after some days and that tends to disappear totally around the 6th month. There are patients that reach the definitive result a little before and others that need less than this period. The persistence or not, of the transitory edema for a longer period than normal doesn't usually interfere in the final result.

You must not forget that, until the desired result is reached, several evolutionary phases are characteristic of this type of surgery. Be patient. Remember that no result of cosmetic surgery of the nose should be evaluated before the 6th postoperative month. The result of a Rhinoplasty is practically definitive. It should be noted though that after the fifth decade of life, any nose begins to present morphologic alterations due to the transformation of the quality of the skin that covers it.

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