With age, lips also age, they thin out and lose their outlines and that "fleshy" appearance. The corners of the mouth tumble; the redness of the mouth is lost, causing a sad appearance. Wrinkles appear and later, the furrows between the nose and the lip increase.

All this thinning and furrows can be resolved with substances injected, better known as facial implants, that help to minimize the wrinkles and furrows and to return a younger appearance to the facial skin. These substances, when injected below the skin, fill out and level the depressions and furrows "pushing" the skin upward, giving a desired appearance. These products can be put in the lips, facial furrows and in the earlobe, and most of the time, should be accompanied with a simultaneous treatment of the skin, or else, associated to a face surgery (rhytidoplasty).

There are several available commercial products as hyaluronate acid (Restylane®, Perlane®), fat injection and others. The doctor will analyze the case and suggest the most suitable one. In spite of not being an implant, we also use the botuln toxin (Botox®), suitable in those cases where very strong muscles cause accentuated expression marks, especially front wrinkles, glabella (between the brows) and periorbital wrinkles. (around the eyes).

The most important fact to remember on facial implants is that most of the time, they are not permanent. The injected material is absorbed eventually by the organism; however they can be reapplied indefinitely. You should not expect the same results as a surgery, regarding intensity and durability of the results.

This application is worthwhile, even with the limits of the method. It presents a good immediate result, the cost is accessible, it doesn't require hospital internment and there is no need of reducing normal activities. In other words, you obtain an instantaneous facial rejuvenation, without the inconvenience of a surgery.

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