Breast Reduction

It is one of the most common among the cosmetic surgeries because, besides being indicated to improve the aesthetic aspect of the breast, it is also indicated as a complimentary resource in the prophylactic treatment of certain diseases of the breast (special cases) and as a prevention of problems caused by very large breast.

The breast may undergo a reduction in volume through surgery; as well as improving consistency and form with an intervention. For the cases of volume reduction and lifting position, we can opt for several volumes within the possibilities where the original breast allows us to plan without any problem afterwards. Here, as in the case of volume increase, the proportions between the new breast volume and the size of the patient's thorax should be balanced in order to obtain greater aesthetic harmony. On that occasion, the flabbiness and the form of the original breast are corrected; however, "the new breast" will undergo three evolutionary periods:

IMMEDIATE PERIOD: goes to the 30th day. In this period, although the breast presents an improved aspect, the form has still not reached the planned result.

MEDIATE PERIOD: from the 30th day to the 8th month. In this period, the breast begins to present an evolution that tends to be the definitive form. In this period, a certain insensitivity or hypersensitivity is not rare for the nipple as well as a greater or smaller degree of "swelling" of the breasts; the form is still less than definitive. In spite of certain euphoria of most patients, in this period, the result will be better still because this will be the characteristic of the 3rd period (late).

LATE PERIOD: from the 8th to the 18th month. It is the period in which the breast reaches its definitive aspect (form, consistency, volume, sensitivity). It is in this period when we photograph the operated cases, comparing them to each patient's preoperative aspect. In the final result, great importance is given to the degree of elasticity of the breast skin as well as to the volume obtained. The balance between both varies from case to case.

The type of anesthesia used can be: general, epidural, or local with assisted sedation in very special cases, according to the surgeon's criterion. And the surgical action lasts, depending on each breast type, on the average of 3 hours.

In general, the postoperative is not painful, as long as you obey the medical instructions, mainly with respect to the movement of the arms, efforts and many cares during the first days.

Depending on the employed technique, we can have variations as for the scars. Usually several types of scars exist, depending on the type of breast to be operated on. The surgeon can propose a scar in "L", in "I", "periareolar" or located scars in the form of an inverted "T", in the breast's inferior part. The one placed around the areola is disguised quite well due to the condition of color transition between the areola and the normal skin.

This surgery allows us to disguise the scars quite well (in "T", in "L", "I", periareolar, etc.), which is very convenient in the first months. Since the first days of postoperative, a "generous" "neckline" can be used because the scars are hidden. With time, the scars are going to be disguised, reaching almost invisibility in certain cases.

Although the immediate result is very good, only between the 12th and 18th month will the breasts reach their definitive form.

There is usually no problem, in case of new pregnancy. When dealing with very large breasts that were greatly reduced, breastfeeding may be jeopardized. In cases of small and average reductions, nursing is usually preserved.

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