Breast volume may be increased through surgery. Consistency and form are also improved with surgical intervention. Thus, a new volume may be chosen because we have several sizes of silicon implants to be introduced which provide a greater option regarding aesthetic results.

Harmony exists between the ideal breast volume and the size of the thorax, characteristics that should be preserved in the planning of the surgery.

The proportions should be maintained between the new breast volume and the size of each patient's thorax in order to obtain a greater aesthetic harmony.

This is most likely the surgery that brings the greatest satisfaction to women, offering spectacular results that very often even transform people's lives.

You should talk with your surgeon on the desired breast size to obtain a consensus on the size of the prosthesis to be used. We usually use silicon implants with a textured covering that offers better results. As soon as the breast is operated on, it will undergo three evolutionary periods:

A) THE IMMEDIATE PERIOD: up through the 30th day. In this period, although the breast has shown improvement, its form and volume are still below the planned result.

B) THE MEDIATE PERIOD: from the 30th day to the 3rd month - In this period, the breast begins to present an evolution that tends to be the definitive form. There is a smaller or greater degree of breast "swelling" and the scar is in its transition period. In spite of the euphoria of most patients, it is in this period when we say that the result will be still better because this will be the characteristic of the late period.

C) THE LATE PERIOD: from the 3rd to the 12th month. It is the period in which the breast reaches its definitive aspect, form, consistency, volume, sensitivity, etc. The following aspects are of great importance in the final result; the degree of elasticity of the skin of the breast as well as the volume of the introduced implants. The balance between both varies from case to case.

The scars of this surgery can be disguised quite well which is very convenient in the first months. The scars can be put in the furrow formed between the breast and the thorax, in the area of the nipple, and even under the arm. The place for the scar should be discussed with the surgeon because there are technical limitations that, depending on the breast type, may impede one or another solution. With time, the scars improve greatly and in certain cases, become almost inconspicuous.

Rarely the aesthetic plastic surgery of breast augmentation, determines serious complications.

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