Liposuction is a simple surgery, but it is not indicated for all cases. It should not be performed when there is widespread fat excess or if the skin is very flaccid. The located fats don't decrease satisfactorily with diets and physical exercises. Some people can lose weight until reaching the normal weight and, even so, they still continue with some fat accumulations that only decrease with Liposuction. For those cases, the technique is very suitable. The technique of the Liposuction is the same for any area of the body.

The fat aspirated, once removed, rarely returns. When, however, the corporal weight increases in a significant way, it is possible for some fat previously in the area aspirated to return. It is necessary to consider, however, that the fat accumulation will be larger if the Liposuction had not been performed.

The amount of fat that can be removed is limited. The whole fatty layer of an area of the body cannot be aspirated, it is necessary that an appropriate and uniform amount of fat be left. Just the excess of located fat will be removed and not the whole fat of a certain area.

The volume of aspirated fat varies according to the needs of each case, but it doesn't exceed, in general, three liters. What diminishes in kilos of corporal weight, therefore, is relatively little. The purpose is to improve the corporal outline and not the weight loss.

When the amount of located fat is relatively big, a first surgery may take place whereby that fat is aspirated without surpassing the admitted limits, and, if necessary, another aspiration may be programmed to perfect the corporal outline.

The interval between the two surgeries should not be inferior to eight months. The patient can, therefore, repeat the liposuction when a little more fat is to be removed. Most of the patients, however, do it in a single time. The surgeon, in the preoperative phase will make the evaluation.

The distribution of fatty tissue in a man is different. In women, the fat accumulations are located in certain areas of the body determined by the genetic tendency and by hormonal factors. In men, the accumulation of located fat is less frequent; the masculine fatty tissue, can be almost totally eliminated by alimentary regimes and physical exercises.

There are certain areas, however, where Liposuction provides good results also for men: the superior area of the neck and the lateral of the abdomen. The gynecomastia, that is, the increased size of mammae, when the origin is essentially fatty, responds well to Liposuction.

For men, thigh and knee Liposuctions are not indicated. Some men present fatty distribution discreetly feminine, called gynoid, with a woman's typical fat accumulations. For those, the Liposuction may be indicated for the same areas performed in women.

The aspirated fatty tissue can be concentrated and injected into the patient using a liposculpture method. This is a method theoretically interesting; the fat, however, is absorbed partially in the approximate period from four to six months. It can be injected to lessen the furrow beside the lips or to correct depressions of the corporal outline, keeping in mind that it will be partially reabsorbed in six months. Nowadays, techniques are being developed to purify the fat to be transformed into a concentrate of the patient's own collagen.

Some people are discouraged to lose weight due to some fat accumulations that don't give in to the diets and exercises. For those cases, the Liposuction can work as a true incentive. The ideal thing is to prepare for the Liposuction with physical exercises and an alimentary regime.
The maintenance of the corporal outline requests attention, care and sacrifice.

Liposculpture demands a more careful technique and finer cannulas. The amount of solitary fat in Liposculpture is smaller than the habitually extracted in Liposuction. Liposculpture can be indicated to perfect a Liposuction, that is why the association of the two techniques is frequent in a same surgical action.

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