If a woman feels ashamed of the appearance of her genitals, nothing will make her feel comfortable with her partner. Much more than we can imagine, women feel bothered with their intimate appearance. Among the most common reasons, are either regarding large vaginal lips or overly small ones or even an overly sized mons veneres, which even hinders a woman from wearing tight pants or a bikini. There are also women that complain about an overly large vagina, provoked by childbirth.

This dissatisfaction with the vaginal appearance causes psychological traumas, interfering directly in sexual and affectionate relationships. Many women, for shame or lack of information, don't discuss this point with anybody not realizing that it is easily overcome through plastic surgery.
Usually the cause of the excess of development of the vaginal lips is genetic. However cases exist provoked by the intensive use of anabolic hormones with the objective of winning muscular mass. These masculine hormones provoke, as a side effectm, in a woman an increase of the clitoris and of the small vaginal lips.

SMALL LIPS: (pequenos lábios)
The surgery of reduction of the small lips is simple, in which excess tissue is removed, restoring an aesthetic and natural aspect. The suture is absorbed and falls spontaneously, leaving no apparent scar. The anesthesia used can be local with sedation, the surgery lasts between 30 minutes and 1 hour, and the patient may leave the hospital soon after the surgery. The area may be sensitive for some days, but there is no loss of sensitivity after that. The only recommendation is sexual abstinence for 30 days.

MONS VENERES: (monte de venus)
Mons veneres is caused by located fat on the pubis, interfering in the genital aesthetic appearance. The correction is made through local liposuction, a quite simple surgery, with the duration of at the most 30 minutes. The postoperative phase is the same as the surgery of small lips.

LARGE LIPS (grandes labios)
In the case of very thick and bulky lips, depending on the situation, a liposuction can be done, sometimes with the removal of part of the tissue. Some elderly women may be withered and flaccid; in this case, there may be a completion with fat from the patient herself taken from another place or with artificial substances of completion.

VAGINAL NARROWING: (estreitamento vaginal)
In general, a women that had normal childbirth or older women may present vaginal enlargement. The correction is made through mucous membrane removal and closing of the muscle, with local anesthesia. The average surgical time is 60 minutes. The patient should only return to normal activities after 48 hours. Rest is important and no exercises for 15 days. Sexual abstinence for 45 days

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