Buttocks Augmentation

Brazilians are known to greatly appreciate the feminine buttocks. Many women feel unsatisfied with the size of their buttocks or even with the silhouette. Factors as a sedentary life, family inheritance and age make the buttocks fall, and have little projection. Most women note that between 30 and 50 years of age, there is a fall and flabbiness of the buttocks. This surgery rejuvenates and brings out a more attractive corporal outline. An ideal time doesn't exist for this surgery. If the woman feels unsatisfied with her outline and silhouette, she can choose to improve it.

The implant used is silicon gel, similar to the mammary implant, however with its own format and with a much thicker covering which makes it very safe. It doesn't interfere in the action of sitting down because implants are put in a higher position and when sitting down, the lowest portion of the buttocks is used. The only recommendation is the prohibition of intramuscular injections in the buttocks.

The most commonly used technique is through an incision of around 7 cm. in the interbuttock furrow which is the natural dividing line between the two buttocks which later becomes totally unapparent. The anesthesia generally used is the epidural (spinal) with sedation. It is a relatively fast surgery and short postoperative recovery. The implants are put within the buttock muscles, separating them without any cutting. In this manner, it is fit and protected by the muscles and becomes natural and unapparent to the touch or appearance. It may be associated with the liporemodeling surgery to define the corporal outline of this area, and to enhance the final result.
The recovery is fast, enabling sitting down on the first day and walking on the following day. Driving is permitted after 10 days and returning to normal activities in 20 days. In a short time, the patient stops noticing that she is wearing the implants.

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